Daniel R. C. Dodge

In the book, 'Report of The Memorable First Reunion of the Dodge Family in America" by Robert Dodge, published 1879, a letter is found written by Thaddeus L. Dodge. Because of the contents of the letter, we have been able to add to family. We have found the Nancy Blindenburg of the letter, was actually Nancy Blyndenburg. We have found out that the name of the man who was killed in or near Long Island was Daniel Dodge and that his wife was Irena Rowley. Since this family was from the are of Long Island, and moved to Kentucky, we believe that there is a very distinct possibility that it is somehow related to the family of Rev. Josiah Dodge who was a preacher in Kentucky and had a very large family. The parents of Rev. Josiah Dodge, John and Lydia Dodge, also had a large family. Also, because this family originated on Long Island, they are almost surely a Tristram Dodge line. The marriage certificate of Daniel R. D. Dodge and Irena Rowley has been found at a church in the Tristram Dodge area of Long Island.

The text of the letter follows.

"Milburn, Ballard Co., Kentucky July 23rd, 1879

To the Secretary of the Convention of the Dodge Family, Salem, Mass:

Dear Sir, - From the enclosed (sic) newspaper clipping, I see there is to be a meeting of the Dodge family, and as it is impossible for me to be in attendance, and being desirous of learning of the meeting, I write, asking that the proceedings of the meeting be forwarded me, if not asking too much. I would like to have the genealogy of the family, as I am satisfied we are of the same branch spoken of. I will send, enclosed, our genealogy as far back as I can go, and am sorry I cannot run it back further. Please sendme a newspaper report if none other, and much oblige.

Yours very truly Thaddeus L. Dodge

Daniel Dodge, my grandfather on my paternal side, was an only son and child, whose father was killed near Long Island (so I am informed, during the Revolutionary war. I am unable to give his name; I think his wife was a Blindenburg. Daniel Dodge had six sons and two daughters; 1st. Jarred; 2d. William C.; 3d Israel Rowling; 4th Martin B.; 5th. Valentine B.; 6th James A. Daughters Mary and Irena. All are now dead except William C., who lives in Bowling Green, Ky., aged about sixty-five years.

1st. Israel had two sons and two daughters; 1st. Colossus, now dead; Irena, married and dead, no heirs; Daniel F., married (has one son and three daughters - son, Jarred; daughters, Zona, Eddie, and Mary), Living: daughter Fannie married, has five or six children.

2nd. William C. Dodge had four sons and two daughters James A., living but not married; Daniel, dead - don't recollect the age of the other two boys, but they died young. Daughters - Permelia and Annie - both married and have families.

3d. Israel Rowling Dodge had five sons and three daughters; Thaddeus L. (who is married, and has two sons and one daughter - William E., George J., and Lizzie G.); James A., now dead; Marian, dead; William T., married (three children, all girls); Edwin W., dead; and Sue Mary, unmarried.

4th. Martin B. Dodge, has living one son and two daughters; son Thomas married, with several children; Mary, married, one child; Emma, married, two boys.

5th Valentine B. Dodge, left one son and two daughters; son, Thaddeus F. (married, died without heirs); Bell and Mollie, both married.

6th. James A. Dodge died without marrying.

Mary and Irena Dodge married, 1st. Walker, the other Lankford, both dead leaving large families.

Israel Rowling Dodge, born January 1st, 1810, died May 11th, 1865.

Cannot give now birth and date of death of the others, but can get them up if needed.

Very truly,

Thaddeus L. Dodge"

Note: Evidently, Thaddeus was never contacted about dates of births and deaths. This is unfortunate because now the oportunity is lost. .

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