David E. Dodge

Gina Patterson writes:   I have surmised as far as David's parentage at this time is based upon some geographical information concerning the family of Seth & Celea Cole (Maria's parents) and the westward movement into western New York. The Holland Land Company made available plots of land in what is now Chautauqua Co. thru very attractive advertising, and we have found alot of times where several families from the same townships moved westward with each other - virtually moving entire communities at times.

The family of Seth and Celea Cole were residing in Paris, Oneida Co., NY prior to their move into western NY. At the same time (1800 U.S. Census), we also have a David Dodge family residing in Trenton, Oneida Co., NY that has the stats we would need to fulfill what is known about our David E. Dodge. What I do know about David E. Dodge - father to David Elisha Dodge is he was
born 1795-1797 in NY. He apparently is living in Chautauqua Co. NY where he would meet and marry Maria Cole prior to 1820 - at which time they turn up on the 1820 census living in Harpersfield, Ashtabula Co. OH (in aline with info regarding eldest son, Ulysses Erastus Dodge).

In 1811, the Holland Land Records show a land purchase by a David Dodge in Chautauqua Co., NY. Tho there are a couple other Dodge land entries, this would make 2 common denominators for our Dodge & Cole families - both are in Oneida Co. NY at the same time, and both end up in Chautauqua Co. during the same time period. If we can rely on those items - and at this point, it's
very much open for discussion, then the next generation of Dodges in our family tree could be:

David Dodge b. 1755-1774, residing 1800 Census, Trenton, Oneida Co., NY
wife b. 1755-1774
daughter b. 1784-1790
daughter b. 1790-1795
David E. b. 1795-1797 NY** this being husband to Maria Cole
daughter b. 1798-1800

I have not been able to research much about this generation of Dodge's because of family obligations in the past 2 years - have lost a sister in Nov 1999 and a brother is dying as we read this. But, with internet access I am hoping to learn more about our Dodge ancestry.

I would love any comments, suggestions, help, assistance, whatever in persuing this line of research! Please contact Gina at Ginaburningsky@aol.com