E. Lewis/Louis Dodge
SOLVED AT LAST This is a Richard Dodge line.

Seeking all descendants and immediate ancestors of Edmund Louis Dodge, father of Diadema Floyd Dodge.
UPDATE - August 15, 2010

Just today, We have found the family that Edmund Lewis Dodge belongs to, and this family belongs to our John Branch out of Middle Chinnock, Somersetshre, England, through Richard who came to America in 1638 and settled in the same area of Massachusetts as his brother William who arrived 9 years earlier.

The particulars about this family will be added later this week.

Remember E. Lewis Dodge was in Denison Tx at some point and was a Railroad man.
1900 Census - Denison, Texas
Edgar L. Dodge born Aug 1860 Nova Scotia
Lillian Dodge born Oct 1870 Alabama
Mollie Dodge born Mar 1886 Nova Scotia
Note: It also states that Edgar is a train dispatcher.
Note: It also states that Edgar and Lillian are newlyweds as they have been married 0 years.
Note: It also states that Lillian has had no children so Millie could not be her daughter.
Note: It also states that Edgar immigrated to the US in 1881 and was naturalized in Alabama.
Note: It also states that Mollie immigrated to the US in 1888 and was not naturalized by 1900.
From FamilySearch.com
Edgar Louis Dodge , Born 01 August 1861 - Christened 12 August 1861 in Nova Scotia
Parents: William Dodge and DIADEMA Unknown
So, we believe that E. Lewis Dodge is actually, Edgar Louis Dodge, son of William and Diadema Dodge, born in Nova Scotia and after immigrating to the United States, lived, for at least a short time, in Denison, Texas working for the railroad.
It seems strange that Millie would be listed as his daughter born in 1886 in Nova Scotia - especially when Edgar had immigrated to the US in 1881. We suppose he could have come to the US, married Elizabeth West Perkins and after Diadema was born and Elizabeth died he went home to Nova Scotia with his baby daughter - married up there and had another daughter, Mollie. Then he returned to the US in 1888 and eventually married Lillian S. Unknown in 1900. Where Diadema is in 1900 is anybody's guess at this point. At age 16 she was old enough to be married. She may have remained in Nova Scotia with her grandparents?
It does seem that most, if not all, Nova Scotia Dodges have turned out to be Tristram .
At any rate, this has, in some ways, made more questions than given more answers. EGAD!!

From "Biographical Genealogies of the Virginia-Kentucky Floyd Families", 1912, N.J. Floyd:
"Elizabeth West Perkins, born in 1862. She married, first W. J. Douglas, Esq., a newspaper owner and editor of Decatur, Ala. A second marriage was with Mr. E. Louis Dodge, of Denison, Texas, a man of affairs and an official of the Missouri, Kansas, and Texas Railway. She lived only a few years after this marriage and left an infant daughter which the father named Diadema Floyd Dodge."

Elizabeth West Perkins is a descendant of William Floyd of VA. Her parents are Elizabeth West Floyd and Alexander Spotswood Perkins. Her grandparents are Dr. Nathaniel Wilson Floyd and Elizabeth West Anderson; and Benjamin Perkins and Frances Maria Jones.

Latter Day Saints web site lists Diadema Floyd Dodge born 1884 in Texas with parents E. Lewis Dodge and Elizabeth West Perkins.


Perhaps Adiel's brother Egbert is E. Louis Dodge?


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