Shubal Dodge
additions April 2013
We have a lot of photos of this family that have been sent to us. Also, DNA from a descendant has proved this Dodge family to be descendants in the Tristram Dodge line: Tristram, Israel, John, John Dodge/Lydia Rogers. However, there is a family line that has been lost from the line of John and Lydia, and so far we have not been successful in finding the connection from Shubal to this family. We also have DNA from a descendant of John Elson/Ellison? Dodge which proves these families are connected..
We have a pdf file of the family of Eli Dodge, son of Shubal

Shubal Dodge was born about 1774 and probably in New Hampshire. His wife's name was Hannah but her last name is not known. They married about 1790

Shubal has been tracked across northern New England into Canada. He purchased land in Chelsea, Vermont, January of 1796. In July of 1801, he resided in Brandon, Vermont. By 1804-05, he had moved north.

He and his wife had 8 children.

They were:
a son, b. 1790-1800
Elizabeth, b. Chester, NH or VT, 1 Aug. 1800
John Hanson, b. Brandon, VT, 29 Oct. 1802 (Was John Hanson really John Elllison?)
Jeremiah, b. Canada, Feb. 1808, d. Massena, NY, 5 May 1873. m. Josette (unknown). both were buried in Dodge Cemetery, SW Long Sault Island, relocated to Pine Grove II, Massena, NY in 1955 due to construction of the Seaway. m2 Mary Ann H(?)
Eli b. Missisquoi Bay, Quebec, Canada, 23 Jan 1812, d. Massena, NY, 14 AUg. 1894. m1. Emeline WILLSON. m2 Elizabeth BUSH.
Jerusha born 1816, St.. Lawrence County, New York and married Nathaniel Ellison. Three Children born to them were Hiram Ellison, David Ellison, and William Henry Ellison.
Maria born Feb 1819 St.. Lawrence County, New York and died 17 Jan 1905, Woodland, Yolo County, California .
William M. DODGE born 1821, Canada and died 24 Jan 1888, Massena, St.. Lawrence County, New York

He married Elizabeth Sheets 24 Jan. 1888 and together they had 13 children. Both William and Elizabeth are buried at West Orvis Street Cemetery, Massena, NY

The children were: Clarinda 'Minerva' DODGE, Elizabeth DODGE, Jane DODGE, Alice DODGE, Etta F. DODGE, Henry DODGE, Israel DODGE, Lucian DODGE, Bertha DODGE, Abram DODGE, Ada DODGE, Eli DODGE, Madge DODGE