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List of Articles from the Brooklyn Eagle Newspaper
1840     1850     1860
Dodge articles from the Brooklyn Eagle.
Stephen Allen Dodge of New Jersey has researched this newspaper month by month.

The year is 1840
1842 Jan 8   .Mr. Dodge, Fire at St. Louis
1842 Jan 11   Hiram Dodge, Park Theatre, ad.
1842 Aug 10   The Dodges, Dakotah Treaties.
1842 Aug 31   Wm Dodge, Albany Railroad.
1842 Dec 3   John M. Dodge, Hit by Train in Wenham, Mass.
1843 June 5   R. Dodge, Fire at Buffalo
1843 July 3   David Dodge, Forgery, Middletown, NY.
1843 July 13   John C. Dodge and Sarah C. Van Nostrand, married.
1843 Aug 18   J. M. Dodge, Portrait of Henry Clay.
1843 Aug 25   Mr. Dodge, Lost Stables and Horses in Fire at Sackets Harbor.
1843 Oct 10?.?Gen. Henry Dodge, Wisconsin
1843 Oct 18?.?Augustus C. Dodge, elected in Iowa.
1843 Dec 4   Henry Dodge and Augustus.
1844 June 17   Mr. Dodge, Portraits.
1845 Aug 1   Asa Dodge, Courts, False Imprisonment.
1845 Aug 14   Messrs. Covert and Dodge, Concert
1845 Aug 28   Jeremiah Dodge, Custom House Inspector.
1847 May 14   Henry S. Dodge, Nomination for Judge in NYC.
1847 June 17   Dr. J. W. Dodge of NY, On Board the Macedonian, in Charge of Medical Dept.
1847 Sept 28   A.Page Dodge, Appointed Watchman.
1848 Feb 10   Captain James R. Dodge, Doughty Guards, Brigade Band.
1848 May 24   Dodge, Reception of General Scott.
1848 June 26   General Henry Dodge and Martin Van Buren.
1848 July 1   Henry Dodge, Declination for Vice President of the U.S.
1848 July 3   Henry Dodge, Opposed to the Extension of Slavery.
1848 July 19   Margaret Marschalk Dodge, married George T. Sutton.
1848 Aug 11   Mr. Dodge, Tobacco Agent in Europe.
1848 Aug 29   Stephen A. Dodge, Free Soil Meeting.
1848 Dec 18   Augustus C. Dodge, Elected U.S. Senator.
1849 March 22?..Mr. Dodge, on Wharfage in Brooklyn and N.Y..
1849 Sept 7   W. J. Dodge, Syracuse Convention.
1849 Sept 7   Edwin J. Dodge, Syracuse Convention.
1849 Sept 20   Anna Storer Colman Dodge, died, wife of Pickering Dodge.
1849 Oct 11   Geo. H. Dodge, Cop Spinner, Invention on Display at the Institute Fair at Castle Garden.
1849 Oct 16   Adam Dodge, Carpenters Department.
1849 Oct 23?.?H. S. Dodge, Supreme Court Solicitor.
1849 Oct 24   Ezekiel Dodge, age 30, son of Augustus Page Dodge, drowned in California.
1849 Nov 2   John T. Dodge, Elected Street Commissioner, NY.
1849 Nov 7   Daniel D. Dodge, Ward 2, New York Common Council.
1849 Nov 30   Captain Stephen A. Dodge, Protection Guards.
1849 Dec 1   A. M. Richards Dodge, Appointed
The year is 1850
1850 March 11   G W Clark, Dodge and Co., Aboard Steamship Empire City, California to NY with Million in Gold Dust.
1850 June 19   Stephen A. Dodge, Captain, The Emmett Guards, Full Uniform Parade.
1850 Sept 26   Ossian Dodge, Won Auction Ticket to Jenny Lind?s Concert in Boston.
1850 Oct 21   Capt. Wm. Dodge, of Manhasset, Supposed Suicide, Drowning.
1851 Jan 29   Stephen A. Dodge, The Emmet Guard had a Ball.
1851 March 3   John T. Dodge, Mass. died, son of Richard, Both were in Battle of Bunker Hill Together
1851 April 10   Algernon S. Dodge, Courts, wants to change Orange Co. to Broome Co. denied
1851 May 2   Mr. Ossian Dodge, dodges Jenny Lind?s Concert
1851 July 16   Old Father Dodge, a Queer Dick.
1851 Sept 1   George Dodge, married Henrietta Barker in Durham, Greene County, NY.
1851 Oct 13   Jared Dodge, Elected Superintendent of the Poor in Saugerties, NY.
1851 Dec 10   R. J. Dodge, Courts, on Jury for Murder Trial.
1852 Jan 26   Robert R. Dodge, died, age 2, son of Stephen A. and Elizabeth.
1852 April 23   Wm. M. Dodge, director, Notice of Intention to Form an Insurance Company.
1852 April 23   John T. Dodge, Director, Notice of Intention to Form an Insurance Company .
1852 April 26   David L. Dodge, died
1852 June 12   Elizabeth Mary Dodge, married William Jones.
1852 July 9   Dodge, lawyer, funny, North Carolina.
1852 Oct 16   Mrs.J. A. Dodge, of Ballston Spa, NY, Victim of Pickpocket on Ferry.
1852 Dec 17   Stephen A. Dodge, Elected Delegate 3rd Ward Brooklyn NY.
1852 Dec 24   Dodge, A nights Horror in a County Inn.
1853 March 22   Samuel North Dodge, Lawsuit against Elizabeth Rodman.
1853 April 19   L. Page Dodge, of Newburg NY, Pump Invention.
1853 Aug 24   Capt. Dodge, House Fire in Brooklyn.
1853 Sept 10   Cheesman Dodge and Martha Cornell, married.
1853 Sept 16    Mr. Dodge, President of Manchester and Lawrence RR Lost his Carpet Bag, Recovered
1853 Oct 17   Stephen A. Dodge, Captain of The James H. Cornwell Guards.
1853 Nov 11   Peter Dodge, forming Military Organization.
1854 Jan 9   ?Stephen A. Dodge, Democratic Republican General Committee.
1854 Feb 15   Harrington and Dodge, Attorneys.
1854 June 3   Robert J. Dodge, Assessment Notice, Owes Money for Street Work.
1854 June 24   Alanson Dodge, Democratic Union in Oswego County, N.Y.
1854 July 8   Ossian E. Dodge, of Boston married Ettie Lyon of Ohio.
1854 Aug 2   .General A. C. Dodge, story of a wedding, non-dodge.
1854 Sept 1   Dodge and Co. House Furnishing Goods, ad.
1854 Nov 4   ?Dodge and Co. House Furnishing Warehouse, ad.
1854 Dec 23   Levi Dodge Cashier, Central Bank of Brooklyn.
1854 Dec 26   Dodge and Co. Toys, Toys, Toys, ad.
1855 Jan 3   Harding and Dodge, Fire in Boston.
1855 Jan 10   Dodge and Co., Trunk Makers, ad.
1855 March 7   Wm M. Dodge, Hamilton Fire Insurance Co. ad.
1855 April 13   Minister Dodge, Expected in Washington.
1855 June 26   Dodge and Company, Farm Supply Company. Ad.
1855 July 12   Page Dodge, Picnic of the American Volunteers.
1855 July 16   A. C. Dodge, minister of the US, Speech in Midrid.
1855 Aug 3   R. J. Dodge, Assessment Notice, Owes Money for Street Work.
1855 Aug 9   ?Dodge and Co., To The Ladies, ad.
1855 Aug 11   Henry Dodge Rev., of Virginia will Preach here.
1855 Aug 24   Stephen I. Dodge, Elected Delegates at Albany.
1855 Aug 24   E. Dodge, National Democratic Convention at Syracuse, N.Y.
1855 Aug 30   Stephen A. Dodge, Soft Shell State Convention, Elected Permanent Vice President.
1855 Oct 24   Willard Dodge, of the Firm of Ranson and Dodge, Supreme Court, Complaint Against.
1855 Oct 24   James R. Dodge, Elected Supervisor, Democratic City Committee.
1855 Nov 13   Stephen A. Dodge, Supreme Court, complaint against.
1855 Nov 20   Nancy and John F. Dodge, Block Island, Intermarriage.
1855 Dec 12   Steven Dodge, Well Digger, killed, Job-Site Accident.
1856 Jan 23   .William Dodge, Supreme Court, Complaint Against.
1856 Feb 26   .C. J. Dodge, wants to Extend his Dock at Coney Island.
1856 March 11   Robert Johnson Dodge and sister Helen T. Dodge, Petition Against Paving Company.
1856 March 12   S. A. Dodge, Union Empire Club, Meeting at the White House.
1856 March 14   Gen Dodge, Minister of The US Having a Ball in Midrid.
1856 April 3   Officer Dodge, Captures Subjects in Albany, NY.
1856 June 14   Officer Dodge, Finds a House Wide Open.
1856 June 16   S. C. Dodge, The City Central Club, Chairman of Special Committee on Arrangements.
1856 July 9   Rev. J. Varrick Dodge, of Springfield, Ill admitted member of the New York Society of Cincinnati.
1856 Aug 20   Peter Dodge, Committee Selling Tickets, Grand Military and Civic Pic-nik Aboard Steamship Union.
1856 Sept 10   Messrs. Abbott, Dodge and Co, Fort Hamilton Relief Society, subscription of $50.
1856 Sept 18   Henry Dodge, Assessment Notice $136.
1856 Oct 13   Phelps and Dodge, Received Forged Notes Totaling $6500.
1856 Oct 15   ?James O. Dodge, appointed secretary at Democratic Mass Meeting in Brooklyn.
1856 Dec 2   .Dr. Dodge, Attended Injured Man.
1856 Dec 17   .Mr. Dodge, Washington, Resolution Calling for Letters Addressed to Late Governor.
Page 101 1856 Dec 19   Phelps, Dodge Co., the Forgery Case. (see Oct 13 1856).
1857 Feb 9   Edward Dodge, on Committee Fundraiser for The Relief of Destitute Females.
1857 Feb 19   Edward Dodge, Esq.,
1857 Feb 23   Robert Johnson Dodge, owes $48. for Street Work (sewer)
1857 April 15   Jacob L. Dodge, Harbor Master, Appointment Sent to Governor.
1857 April 17   Jacob L. Dodge, Harbor Master, Stricked off by the Governor
1857 April 27   Clark, Dodge and Company, Bankers, almost caught a forger.
1857 April 28   Indian Agent Dodge, Portion of his Remains are Found.
1857 May 21   Mr. Dodge, De Wolfe Family.
1857 June 27   Phelps, Dodge and Co., Tin Plate Importers, has an employee stealing money.
1857 Aug 28   .William J. Dodge Supreme Court, Complaint Against.
1857 Oct 3   ?Messrs Clark, Dodge and Co, Bankers, have Suspended.
1857 Oct 5   .Dodge and Co., Joined Partnership with D. W. Sowers.
1857 Oct 20   Frederick Dodge, 14th Ward 1st Dist.
1857 Nov 2   Adam T. Dodge, Left the Post Office.
1858 Jan 14   D. A. Dodge, Medical report.
1858 Jan 22   Robert Johnson Dodge, owes Money for the Opening of Tompkins Square.
1858 Feb 4   James R. Dodge, Chairman, Democratic County Committee.
1858 Feb 9   Joseph H. Dodge attended an extremely dull meeting in Albany.
1858 Feb 19   Mr. Dodge, American Minister.
1858 Feb 25   Jacob Dodge4, Harbor Master.
1858 May 7   A. T. Dodge, O.U.A. Headquarters Removal.
1858 May 20   Anson Phelps of Phelps and Dodge and Co., died.
1858 June 30   E. W. Dodge, Supreme Court, Attorney.
1858 July 20   Mrs. Dodge, Sing Sing Prison.
1859 Jan 7   Wm. E. Dodge, Elected Member of Council in place of death of Mr. Phelps.
1859 June 2   James Dodge, of Waterford, on List of Patents, Improvements in Polishing Knifes.
1859 June 18    .Major Dodge, Indian Agent, report on Indian Outrages.
1859 June 30   Mr. Dodge, Ex-Minister of Spain.
1859 July 20   A. T. Dodge, Military Meeting.
1859 July 22   Levi Dodge, of Dodge and Blake on List of Patents, Shaping Articles in Metal.
1859 Aug 1   Wm Dodge, Burglars.
1859 Aug 25   Daniel Dodge, on List of Patents, Improvement in Nail Machines.
1859 Dec 7   Stephen A. Dodge, Supreme Court, agst. Cemetery of the Evergreens.
1859 Dec 29   .Mason and Dodge, Heating Apparatus.
The year is 1860
1860 Jan 20   Rev. G. W. Dodge, Married a Couple in Port Chester, NY.
1860 Feb 20   Samuel W. Dodge, Appellant, against Juliana Gardner, Respondent.
1860 April 11   D.. A. Dodge, Member of the Kings County Medical Society.
1860 April 26   William E. Dodge, Supreme Court.
1860 May 26   H. Dodge, President, The Philomathean Literary Society.
1860 Oct 27   Lieut. Dodge, Entertaining Company B, of New Haven.
1860 Nov 28   Jacob I. Dodge, Testimony in Case.
1861 Jan 9   .Ossian L. Dodge, Auctions.
1861 Feb 13   Lieut. Dodge, Military Courtesies.
1861 Mar 2   George Dodge, Treasurer, The Lewis Musical Club.
1861 Mar 29   Edward Dodge, of Clark and Dodge, The Mayoralty Election.
1861 Apr 23   Dr. A. Dodge, Doctor at Long Island Collage Hospital.
1862 Jan 21   Elizabeth B. Dodge, married Richard Van Wyck
1862 Feb 6   Mr. E. Dodge, Alpha Sigma Phi. Reunion at his House.
1862 Feb 11   Col. Dodge, at Meridian Hill, Camp Casey.
1862 May 14   Col. Stephen A. Dodge, in Battle of Williamsburg.
1862 May 30   A. T. Dodge, Jr. 1st Lieutenant, Company C.
1862 June 2   Col. Stephen A. Dodge, Involved in the Battle on the Chickahominy.
1862 June 4   Col. Stephen A. Dodge, Reported to have died during Battle at Chickahominy.
1862 June 9   Col. Stephen A. Dodge, Telegraphic Arrived Stating he is Alive and only Slightly Wounded.
1862 June 14   .Major Dodge, Made an Expedition to Deep Creek just South of Norfolk.
1862 June 16   Col Stephen A. Dodge, Flesh Wound to the Thigh.
1862 July 3   Col. Stephen A. Dodge, Battle of Fair Oaks.
1862 July 23   Col. Stephen A. Dodge, Prisoner, Released by the Rebels.
1862 Aug 4   T. T. Dodge, died, Hospital Stewart for the Thirteenth Brooklyn Rebels.
1862 Aug 7   T. T. Dodge, another Story on his Death.
1862 Aug 27   Thomas L. Dodge, Fifth Ward, Fourth District, Recruiting Excitement.
1862 Aug 30   Henry W. Dodge, U.S.N. married Elizabeth A. A. Woodhull.
1862 Oct 2   Titus E. Dodge, Fifth Ward Volunteer Fund, on Collecting Committee.
1862 Oct 16   General Dodge, Wounded.
1862 Dec 1   Col. Stephen A. Dodge, One of His Men Writing About Life in Camp.
1862 Mar 23   Stephen A. Dodge, One of the Cooperators of the Nassau Railroad Company of Brooklyn.
1863 Apr 25   Justice Dodge Entertaining at the Tombs.
1863 July 11   Edward Dodge, of Clark, Dodge and Company, has an Electric Burglar Installed in his Home.
1863 July 11   Margaret, Cyrenius, Emma, and William M. Dodge, Supreme Court.
1863 July 31   Col. Dodge, From Memphis, The Rebles Defeated at Lexington.
1863 Sept 9   Sibylia Pythonissa Dodge, and Mr. Lincoln.
1863 Oct 16   Stephen A. Dodge, Seventh Assembly District Convention.
1863 Dec 19   General Dodge, Execution of a Confederate Spy.
1863 Dec 12   Mr. Dodge, of Clark, Dodge and Co., ad for Burglar Alarm.
1863 Dec 16   Titus Dodge, Treasure, Ward Association.
1863, Jan 28   Dodge badly whipped Johnson at Florence.
1863 Feb 2   A. A. Dodge, hereby Authorized to Operate and Convoy Passengers on Certain Streets.
1864 Feb 4   General Dodge, Pushed Away the Union Forces at Charleston.
1864 Feb 24   Margaret E. Dodge, Exhibit at the Fair, Miniature Painting by her son, John Wood Dodge.
1864 April 2   Rev. O. Dodge, gonna Preach in the Morning.
1864 Apr 13   Harry Dodge, died, age 8 months, Only son of Henry and Elizabeth Woodhull Dodge.
1864 June 8   Daniel A. Dodge, vs. Charles F. Sinclair.
1864 June 9   Daniel A. Dodge, City Court, Suing for Treatment
1864 June 18   Juliet and Kate Dodge, Members of the Horticultural Society.
1864 June 29   Sergt. Peter Dodge, Missing, N.Y.S.V. Infantry, The Red River Campaign
1864 Aug 1   Daniel K. Dodge, deceased, All Person having Claims Against, see Susan, Daniel A. and Walter R. Dodge.
1864 Aug 17   Captain Dodge, Trying to Bring him Down a Peg.
1864 Oct 12   Daniel K. Dodge, Deceased, all Person having Claims against, see Susan, Daniel A. and Walter R. Dodge.
1865 Jan 28   James Page Dodge, Owes $150 for Street Paving.
1865 Mar 4   Edward Dodge, Trustee.
1865 Mar 16   Major Dodge, Acting Assistant Provost Marshal General.
1865 Mar 22   Edward Dodge, Committee at Brooklyn Academy of Music.
1865 Aug 14   F. E. Dodge, of Madison Ave. and Family are Visiting Richmond Vt.
1865 June 5   John H. Dodge, Employee of Union Ferry, Contribution to the Lincoln Monument Fund.
1865 June 8   Lizzie Dodge, died, daughter of Titus E. and Mary Dodge, living at 169 Johnson Street.
1865 June 19?....Lewis Dodge, Caught 160 Fish.
1865 July 13   Stephen A. Dodge, Secretary, The Brooklyn Market Society.
1865 July 15   Justice Dodge, sets Trial date for a Pickpocket during the Fire at Barnum?s Museum.
1865 Aug 9   Alion M. Dodge, age 8 months, died, daughter of Walter R. and Sarah E. Dodge.
1865 Aug 11   Dr. Daniel Dodge, Victim of Robbery.
1865 Aug 15   Titus Dodge, Master Mast Maker, U.S. Navy Yard, Collector of Contributions for Lincoln Monument.
1865 Aug 15   John Dodge, U.S. Navy Yard, contributions to Lincoln Monument.
1865 Oct 9   Dr. Daniel Dodge, Victim of Robbery.
1865 Nov 7   Mrs. Isabella Dodge, Victim of an Assault, Man Arraigned.
1865 Dec 2   Richard J. Dodge, Directors of the Brooklyn City Mission and Tract Society.
1865 Dec 2   Messrs? Phelps, Dodge and Co., Building Burned Down.
1866 Jan 4   L. Page Dodge of Georgia and Blanche Carpenter, married at Battleboro Vt.
1866 Jan 30   John C. Dodge, Fatally Injured while crossing Broadway.
1866 Jan 30   John C. Dodge, died, Obituary.
1866 Feb 19   Henry H. Dodge, Arrested for Stealing from the Navy Yard.
1866 Mar 27   Edward S. Dodge, wife Martha Jane Dodge, Supreme Courts.
1866 July 30   Dodge, Employed by and playing 3rd Base for the Sheldon Hoyt and Co. Baseball team.
1866 Aug 5   Mr. Dodge, The Brooks Case.
1866 April 7   Mr. Dodge, The Brooks Case, Admitted to a Seat in the House of Republicans.
1866 Apr 14   John C. Dodge, Letters of Administration Granted to his Estate,
1866 Apr 16   Robert J. Dodge, Secretary of the Philharmonic Society 1865-66.
1866 Apr 21   Justice Dodge, A Yankee Confidence Operator Arrested.
1866 May 2   W. A. Dodge, President of the Starlight Baseball Club.
1866 May 3   Justice Dodge, at the Jefferson Market Police Court. Bar open to late.
1866 May 9   Mr Dodge, Increase on Cotton Tax.
1866 May 19   Mr. Dodge, of Gates Avenue, Reward, Lost a Coral Pin, ad.
1866 May 21   Mr. Dodge, of Gates Avenue, Reward, Lost a Coral Pin, ad.
1866 May 28   Lawrence Dodge, Arrested and Fined 30 Dollars for Keeping his Bar Open after Midnight.
1866 June 5   F. Dodge, Elected Treasurer of the De Kalb Baseball Club.
1866 July 25   Henrietta L. Dodge, married Charles McMillen of Troy NY.
1866 Nov 19   H. M. Dodge, on Jury Duty.
1867 Jan 11   Wm. E. Dodge, contributes $10.000 for the Temperance Society.
1867 Feb 8   Dodge, in Charge of a Ship, Avoids an Iceberg
1867 Mar 9   Bro. O. Dodge, Agent of the Baptist Missionary Union.
1867 Mar 15   M. Dodge, From Washington, Dinner with the President.
1867 May 18   Wm. E. Dodge, Income, $177.187
1867 May 29   Wm. E. Dodge, Listed as a Reference for an Ad for The Kittatinny House on the Water Gap.
1867 June 25   Colonel Dodge, Arrests a Man for Selling Booze to his Soldiers.
1867 Aug 13   Mary E. Dodge, died, wife of Titus E. Dodge of 100 Park Ave.
1867 Oct 4   Colonel Dodge, on Committee for War Fund in Brooklyn.
1867 Dec 13   Justice Dodge, Case before the Police Justice.
1867 Dec 14   Justice Dodge, Listens to Statement and lets Suspect Go.
1867 Dec 26   Robert Dodge, Found prostrated in a fit on corner of Fulton and Forty second. Recovered.
1868 Jan 15   Wm. E. Dodge, Spoke at the Temperance Movement.
1868 Jan 17   C. V. Dodge, Will Skate for the Championship of Long Island.
1868 Jan 18   C. U. Dodge, Won Skating Championship of a Gold Watch worth 100 Dollars.
1868 Jan 18   Mr. Dodge, Ad in Paper Challenging for Skating Championship.
1868 Feb 8   Joseph Dodge, Tried to steal Diamonds from Jewelry Store.
1868 Mar 2   Isaac H. Dodge, Supreme Court.
1868 Mar 23   Eliza and Samuel B. Dodge, Supreme Court.
1868 Apr 9   .Wm. E. Dodge, Will Give a Lecture to the Young Men?s Christian Association.
1868 Apr 14   Wm. E. Dodge, Will Deliver a Lecture at the Plymouth Church.
1868 May 20   Ossian E. Dodge, is Managing a Hall in Minnesota.
1868 May 28   Hon. Henry Dodge, Senator, and son Augustus C. Dodge.
1868 June 1   Colonel Edward Dodge, Dinner on the Widening of the Coney Island Road.
1868 June 6   Wm. E. Dodge, Income of $100.000 plus $200.000 from his Wifes Late Father.
1868 June 13   Walter R. Dodge, died youngest son of Susan and the Late D. K. Dodge.
1868 June 19   Capt. Dodge Co. C, Departure of the 56 Regiment.
1868 July 10   Asa Dodge, Name Placed in Vice President Nomination.
1868 July 23   George Dodge, Treated for a Knife Wound, Thrown by a Women.
1868 July 24   Dr. Dodge, and Justice Delmar.
1868 Sept 5   Justice Dodge, Working the Courts.
1868 Sept 17   Eleanora Maria, died, Infant Child of H. W. and Elizabeth Dodge.
1868 Oct 2   Justice Dodge, Case Involving a Lady in Trouble.
1868 Oct 6   A. V. Dodge, died Four Days After Her Marriage in Iowa.
1868 Oct 19   Edward Dodge, Trot Races.
1868 Nov 14   Justice Dodge, Horse stealing.
1868 Nov 17   Edward Dodge, Elected Board of Directors, Union Ferry Company.
1868 Dec 11   Henry E. Dodge, Secretary, Prospect Park Fair Ground Club.
1868 Dec 19   Mary E. Dodge, Writing in the First Number of the Hearth and Home.
1868 Dec 24   Judge Dodge, Involved in a Few Cases.
1869 Jan 16   Rufus Dodge, Involved in a Fraud Investigation.
1869 Feb 18   Wm. E. Dodge, Discussion on a Bridge over the East River.
1869 Feb 13   Edward Dodge, Welcoming Stephen Massett to Brooklyn.
1869 Mar 4   Wm. E. Dodge, President of the Sailors Snug Harbor Asylum and Hospital.
1869 Mar 8   Justice Dodge, A Young Man and his Adventures.
1869 Apr 5   Mary Dodge, Atlantic and De Kalb owes $2.30 for Gas Lamps and Posts.
1869 Apr 8   Horace N. Dodge Bond Street, Real Estate Transfers 18 x 50.
1869 Apr 9   Sophie B. Dodge, married William H. Demott.
1869 Apr 21   Dodge and Wharton, Base Ball. Billiards?
1869 Apr 22   Dodge, Billiards.
1869 Apr 27   Commodore Dodge, with a Handsome Team of Bays.
1869 May 3   Alex F. Dodge, Income Tax Report, paid $1,323.00.
1869 May 5   H. E. Dodge, Banker Rich Men of Brooklyn $32,248.
1869 May 5   Ed Dodge, Broker, $25,525.
1869 May 24   General Dodge, from Washington, The Pacific Railroad.
1869 May 26   Robert J. Dodge, Congregational Church, Sign Petition to keep Dr. Storrs from removing to Boston.
1869 June 22   Adam T. Dodge, Internal Revenue Matters, appointed Vice President 3rd District, 2nd division.
1869 July 31   Morton H. Dodge, on Brooklyn?s Gentlemen?s List.
1869 Aug 18   Gen. Greenville Dodge, receives a Telegram from President Grant.
1869 Aug 18   Gen. Greenville Dodge, no Truth in Telegram.
1869 Aug 25   George K. Dodge, Appointed Post Master of the Manhasset Office, Queens County.
1869 Aug 27   Gen. G. S. Dodge, and all the Gay People at Homburg-Les-Bains.
1869 Sept 8   Gen. Dodge, most Prominent Candidate for Secretary of War.
1869 Sept 9   Gen. Dodge, May Receive Position.
1869 Sept 11   Gen. Dodge, May not Receive Position.
1869 Sept 23   Gen Dodge, Will not be appointed.
1869 Oct 1   N. S. Dodge, author for Packard?s Monthly.
1869 Oct 23   Edward Dodge, Problem with Drunk Fellow Worker.
1869 Nov 8   Mrs. Dodge, of Stephentown NY, Kills Ben Chrissey, a Notorious Rowdy with a Blow of an Ax.
1869 Dec 11   Mrs. M. H. Dodge, Book Sale at Fair.
1869 Dec 14   Le Grand Dodge, Treasurer of the Dutchess County Insurance Company.
1869 Dec 16   General Dodge, Attended Reunion of the Army of the Cumberland.
1869 Dec 16   General Dodge, Recovering from Serious Illness.
1869 Dec 17   William A. Dodge, Trustee, Montauk Lodge No. 286 F and A. M.
1869 Dec 23   N. S. Dodge, Author.

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