Edson Asa Dodge
Descendent of Richard

Edson Dodge, 48, was born at Weybridge, Addison County, VT, March 21, 1846 and was the oldest of 3 children. He died September 1894. F His funeral was held at ME church in Jerseyville, September 25, Rev. Nathan Crow officiating. The esteem in with he was held was shown that day by the many tokens of respect that was shown for a dear friend and fellow citizen. A vast concourse gathered at the church and his friends were numbered by the score. The casket was covered with flowers from relatives and friends. Pall bearers were Orville Snedeker, John McGee, Jett Sunderland, John Lowe, Samuel Snedeker and J. K. Cadwallader, all chosen from Hickory Grove Camp. He moved with his parents and brother (the sister having died in VT) to Illinois in 1854 and settled at Morrison, Whiteside County and in 1857 they moved to Kemper, Jersey County, where the mother died in 1859. He spent the winter of 1865 at Shurtleff College, Upper Alton, where he made many friends and October 9, 1867 he married Maggie a (Miner) Dodge by whom he had 5 children, 1 of whom died. Surviving are 3 Sons, Will K. Dodge of Fidelity, Albert and Eddie of Jerseyville; 1 daughter, Mrs. John Marshall of Fidelity; his aged father; 1 bro; and 1 granddaughter. He served in many public offices during his life in this county.

Edson Asa Dodge died in Jerseyville, Jersey Co., Illinois where he had moved with his family as a child. He was a brother of Vilas Luther Dodge. His parents were Luther Dodge and Anna Laura Stow