Obediah D. Dodge - 1920

This appeared in the weekly newspaper "The Tecumseh Chieftain" of Tecumseh, NE in the issued of 24 April 1920.

"Obediah D. Dodge died at the home of Mrs. Carlson, his granddaughter, on 17 April 1920 only 4 days after he and his wife, Rosilia (Sweet) Dodge, came to live at Sterling (Nebraska). He was 76 years old, born in NY and married at age 22. He enlisted in Co. A 2nd Illinois (a typo - should be Co. A, 2nd Wisconsin) Cavalry and was the commander of the GAR in WI for 5 years. They had 8 children."

Obed's grave in the Sterling, Nebraska Cemetery has a GAR marker which was furnished by the government. It does not carry any dates but it does say he served in Co. A, 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry. This is further supported by records at the Wisconsin State Historical Society.

Obed's wife later left Sterling, Nebraska and returned to Beach, North Dakota. She and her daughter, Mettie, were murdered at Beach in 1933.