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Miscellaneous Records from the Midwest
The information on this page is long and varied. It was sent to us by Douglas Lorson and was taken from various web sites

. Beggs Cemetery, Beggs, Okmulgee county Oklahoma, transcribed by Thelma Noland, submitted by Douglas Lorson
Beggs Cemetery is located on Hwy 16 on the west side of Beggs, Oklahoma. It isapproximately 4.4 miles from Hwy 75 and Hwy 16. It is a very well maintained Cemetery with gravel roads. This information was compiled in June 1998 from information I obtained from the City Hall as well as walking the cemetery. There are many headstones made from the native rock. Time and the elements have erased the writings on them Additional information can be obtained from the Beggs City Hall.
Dodge, Ada Ethel, B 1-8-1905 D 11-18-1967
Dodge, Adelia, B 1883 D 1946
Dodge, B. Lane, B no date D 8-5-1930
Dodge, Dorothy Dean, B 6-18-1924 D 5-26-1925
Dodge, Ernest, B 1877 D 1961
Dodge, Francis Wayne, B 4-25-1935 D 7-31-1991(56yrs)
Dodge, Lawrence R., B 8-10-1903 D 5-4-1958
Dodge, Mark Edwin, B 7-10-1954 D 2-12-1994(39yrs)
Dodge, Walter Lamon, B 7-25-1901 D 6-28-1967(OK SF1 USNR WWII)

LOVE is an abandoned cemetery on the banks of the Red River. It is very overgrown and very difficult to find. Many of the people of the Love family, of which this County is named after, are buried here; including Judge Overton Love known as Sobe Love. It is located in 3E, 8S, Section 9.

LOVE (OIL SPRINGS)is a small abandoned cemetery in the Hickory Creek Wildlife Management Area. It is just on the south side of Love Cemetery road in 2E, 6S, Section 35.

Dodge Edward 24 AUG 1871 14 JUL 1877

Rose Hill Cemetery, Ardmore, Carter County Oklahoma Compiled by Bill Hamm (

Dodge David Ottis 30 Aug 1908 - 4 Aug 1996
44 Gloria June 4 Jul 1936 2 Apr 1964 44

HARE, Darius Dodge, a Representative from Ohio; born near Adrian, Seneca County, Ohio, January 9, 1843; attended the common schools; entered the military service as a private in the Signal Corps, United States Army, in March 1864, and served during the remainder of the Civil War; attended the law department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; was admitted to the bar in September 1867 and commenced practice in Carey, Ohio; moved to Upper Sandusky, Ohio, in May 1868; mayor of Upper Sandusky 1872-1882; elected as a Democrat to the Fifty-second and Fifty-third Congresses (March 4, 1891-March 3, 1895); declined to be a candidate for renomination in 1894; continued the practice of law until his death in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, February 10, 1897; interment in Oak Hill Cemetery.

Marriage Records of DuPage County, Illinois - 20 June, 1839 - 28 November 1861

Dodge, Darwin D. 29 Sep 1840 Atwater, Betsey - Rev. A. B. Hubbard
Dodge, Harriet C. 29 Jun 1853 Aldrich, Theodore W. - Rev. p. Taylor
Dodge, J. Seymour 18 Dec 1848 Powers, Almeda J. - Rev. p. Taylor
Dodge, Lucina 03 Mar 1847 Crosby, Alonzo - Jonathon Hatch, J.p.
Dodge, Lucy Ann 01 Jan 1854 Webster, John W. - Rev. A. D. Freeman
Dodge, Mary Ann 15 Dec 1858 Davey, William - Jas. G. Wright, J.p.
Dodge, Noah M. 09 Aug 1840 Dean, Charlotte A - David Brookins, J.p.
Dodge, Rhodilla u 09 Feb 1842 Meacham, Milo F. - Rev. Lucius Parker
Dodge, Rosanna H. 12 May 1861 Bracken, John H. - Rev. R. Burns
Dodge, Sarah E 23 Jan 1856 Irwin, Fowler - Rev. Hope Brown
Dodge, Vilura 13 Oct 1839 Meacham, Harvey Rev. Daviel Rockwell
DODGE, David Har 9A
Dodge, Edward C. Ric 14
Dodge, Jeremiah Leb 15
Dodge, John Leb 15
Dodge, Josiah Har 10
Dodge, Samuel S. Ash 8A
Dodge, Usebius Leb 15


Dodge, Angeline ....STEVENSON, James ....30 Sep 1835
Dodge, Daniel ....FISH, Migee ....28 Apr 1830
Dodge, Sarah ....WHITEFORD, Dennis W. ....7 Jan 1838


History says that Samuel Smith BALDWIN, son of Samuel and Hannah NORTHROP BALDWIN of Ridgefield, Conn. Came to Newburgh in 1808 and settled upon a farm on Aetna Street. He brought with him his wife Sarah CAMP BALDWIN, and several young children. At this time they had been married about eleven years. The writer of this sketch had the privilege of examining a diary and docket written by Samuel S. BALDWIN and preserved through all these years by one of his descendants. In these he tells of much of the daily life of those early times. He held the offices of Sheriff and County Surveyor and was an important man in the community. His daily life was recorded as attending to acts of justice,surveying and taking up new tracts of land upon the Western Reserve, and logging; in which neighbors with their oxen assisted him. Frequent mention was made of such neighbors as W.W. WILLIAMS, Joel THORPE and Amos SPAFFORD. In this Diary he tells of one of his surveyors crossing the ice at Black River on horseback, carrying a bag of provisions eagerly expected by the women at home. The horse broke through the ice and was drowned, its rider being obliged to walk back to Newburgh. The bag of provisions was later fished out of the river. Mr. BALDWIN also tells of the calamity that befell the CARTER family by the drowning of Harry CARTER, a lad of ten years, in the Cuyahoga River and the search for the little body.
Mrs. Samuel S. BALDWIN (Sarah CAMP)was a delicate woman of culture and refinement. In leaving the comforts of her Eastern home she had little realization of the hardships she would encounter as a pioneer in a new land. She brought with her a fine wardrobe and accessories, indicating wealth and good taste, but quite unfitted to pioneer life. She departed this life in 1818, after the birth of twins, at the early age of thirty-six years. Her daughter Lucretia married Reuben HENRY. Caroline became Mrs. Victor M. CANNON of Aurora, Portage county, Ohio. Julia married Thomas NORTH. Sarah, Almeron Dodge, and Emily, one of the twins, became Mrs. Francis MORAN.After the death of his first wife, Mr. BALDWIN married Rhoda BOUGHTON, daughter of Nathan BOUGHTON of Stockbridge, Mass. And of Revolutionary War fame. She proved a real mother to his motherless children, but was herself left a widow three years later.

GEAUGA COUNTY OHIO - Bainbridge Township Cemetery Files

Dodge Sarah 11/14 Jun 1836 59y w/o Seymour BA Fowler 2 38
NO old and dark in 1925; missing 1982 1996


Dodge, Davis - Paulsen, Emma 18 Feb 1904 8-522


Dodge AMELIA ANN, 552; ELLA, 580

TRUMBULL COUNTY OHIO - HISTORY: Part 5 (published 1874)

THE FOURTEENTH OHIO BATTERY was organized August 20, 1861, and was mustered into service September 20, 1861. It was composed of one hundred and fifty-six men, five officers, and one hundred and twenty-five horses; the greater proportion of the men being from Trumbull County. The officers of this Battery from Trumbull County were--First Lieutenant, Homer E. Stull, Warren; Captain, Seth M. Laird, Mesopotamia; Lieutenant, Geo. Hurlburt, Warren. Lost thirty men killed and wounded, and seventy-two horses, at battle of Shiloh, April 6, 1862. This Battery served in the Western Army under the following generals: Generals Grant, Halleck, Sherman, McPherson, Logan, Oglesby, Dodge, Blair, and Thomas.

Was in the Army of the Tennessee up to and during the Atlanta campaign; after the fall of Atlanta, was transferred to the Army of the Cumberland; served through the war, and was mustered out July, 1865, at Columbus, Mississippi. It received several complimentary notices in general orders, from Sherman and McPherson, for its promptness and bravery during the Atlanta campaign.

PORTAGE COUNTY OHIO - Shalerville - Births, Marriages;
Various Dates; Abreviations: B=Born p=Parents M=Married M[2]=Second Marriage

GOODELL George B: "Warwick, MA", 3/31/1815 - p: Jonas & Eleanor Ayer Goodell - M: 8/21/1840, Julia Dodge - p: Winthrop Dodge  -  Children: 10


Probate Record, Volume B, 1842-1846

Dodge, Heman estate 387


Toledo Attic Biography website

Henry Dodge was a native of Toledo, born on 27 December 1871. His parents, Frederick B. and Caroline (Perkins) Dodge, came to Toledo in 1861 when Henry's father became the principal of the first Toledo high school. His father later moved into the law profession. Henry's father died in 1893 and his mother died in 1911. Henry was one of five children. He was schooled at the High School of Toledo and graduated in 1889.He then attended the University of Michigan where he specialized in electrical engineering, graduating in 1893. Once he had finished his education he returned to Toledo where he joined the engineering department of the Toledo White Lime Company. He eventually left this job to work in the engineering department of the Ohio Electric Car Company, where he stayed as general manager until 1915.

In 1915, Henry started his own business. He was president of the H.p. Dodge Engineering Company and the inventor of a number of electrical devices which he later patented. The Dodge Engineering Company was an immediate success in the manufacture of battery acid and electric batteries for cars. Henry was involved in the development of some important innovations, including the "Dodge Process" for hydrating lime which helped revolutionize the quick lime industry. He also invented a new process to manufacture storage battery plates which claimed to improve the life of the plate as well as lowering the cost.

Henry had a wide variety of business and social interests. He was the director of the Walding, Kinnan and Marvin Company of wholesale drugs. He was involved in the social clubs of the city. He was a member of the Toledo Yacht Club, the Toledo Commerce Club, the Maumee River Yacht Club, the Toledo Tennis and Toledo Country Clubs, as well as the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

On September 25, 1896, Henry married Gertrude Marvin, the daughter of Henry Marvin who owned a Toledo druggist company. They had two children, Henry Marvin Dodge and Charleton M. Dodge (who later married a Baumgardner). Henry p. Dodge died on June 17, 1943 and is buried in Section 148A, Lot 42 at Woodlawn Cemetery.[John M. Killits, ed., Toledo and Lucas County, Ohio 1823-1923, vol. 3. (S.J. Clarke Publishing Company: Chicago & Toledo, 1923), 540-41. Killits was the only source found for Henry p. Dodge leaving 20 years unaccounted for in his life.]


GEAUGA COUNTY OHIO - Chardon Village/Municipal Cemetery

Dodge Edward 1886 4 Oct 1918 (s/o) (Joseph & Mariam) Pvt Co A 26 Inf Killed in action 4 Oct in Meuse Argonne, France.

Dodge Joseph 1859 (29 Sep) 1938 (h/o (Mariam BOSS Dodge Mariam 1863 (4 Oct) 1952 (Joseph)
DIMMICK Lillian M. 1884 (17 Dec) 1973 Dodge ( ) (w/o) (Dan)
DIMMICK Alger (1992) (83y) (s/o) (Dan & Lillian)( 1st Arlene) ashes 31 Aug 1993
DIMMICK Dan 1863 (cr 19May) 1947 (h/o) (Lillian (Dodge) 2m.)
DIMMICK Ethel (1990) (85y) MERRILL (w/o) (Alger 2m.) (1st m. Nyle WELLs ashes 31 Aug 1993
DIMMICK Forrest N. 1887 (cr 16Feb) 1891(s/o) (Dan) put in vault, brought from Kalamazoo, MI
DIMMICK Hannah 1851 1894 YOUNG
DIMMICK Orlando Alger, M.D. 28 Jun 1837 6 Jun 1920 (h/o) (Hannah YOUNG Claridon Cremated. (s/o Asa & Mary (ALGER) DIMMICK)
DIMMICK Paul Moseley (30 Nov) 1880 (27 Feb) 1922 (s/o) (Orlando & Hannah (YOUNG)


GEAUGA COUNTY OHIO - Munson Township Cemetery Files

Dodge Jeremiah 30 Aug 1869 70y 5m 11d
Dodge Lydia, His Wife 26 Sep 1870 66y 2m 11d ORVIS ( ) hw


Rush twp wp REEL NO: 665 PAGE NO: 260b REFERENCE: Enumerated by d. F. Spain 3 Sept. 1850

Dodge Levi 38 M Farmer NH
Dodge Ruth 41 F RI
Dodge William 13 M NH
Dodge Francis 10 M NH
Dodge Fredrick 5 M OH
Dodge John 1 M OH


ERIE COUNTY OHIO - And Then They Went West (published 1897)

During the fall of the year 1833, was erected a double log house, used for a boarding house, which stood upon the bank immediately in front of the site of "Island House' at Kelleys Island. Mr.Luther Dodge, with his family, occupied the boarding house upon its completion, he having been appointed superintendent of the interests of the Messrs. Kelley, and havingmoved to the island a short time previously. During the winter of this year, the present wood dock was commenced, and enough completed to afford a landing for steamboats, which,in the following spring, commenced "wooding" therefrom. During the year following, Julius Kelley, son of Datus, was in charge, and was succeeded by his brother Addison,who, from that date until the removal to the island of Datus and his family, in 1836, remained in charge of the business of the firm. A short time after the building of the south side wood dock, was built a stone dock at the north side, and a few years subsequently, by Horace Kelley, the dock that was owned by Charles Carpenter. At this date, and up to the winter of 1837-8, the island constituted a portion of Danbury, and was included within the limits of Huron county. During the winter of 1837-8, was created the county of Erie, and the island, as a part of Danbury township, was set off into that county.. On the 21st of January,1840, in accordance with the prayer of a petition to the legislature to that effect, it was enacted that all that tract of land and territory of land known as Cunningham's Island, situated on the south side of Lake Erie, within the county of Erie, be and the same is, hereby constituted a township to be known and distinguished as the township of Kelley's Island." By section second of the same act, the islands, known as the Bass Islands, were constituted a township called Van Rensalaer, in the said county of Erie. On the 6th of March, 1840, was passed the act creating the county of Ottawa, which county included within its boundaries the new island townships of Kelley's Island and Van Rensalaer. The first election for organization as the township of Kelley's Island, was held on "the first Monday in April, " 1840. The total number of votes polled was 15. Chester Stocking, Walter Beardsley and Ephraim T. Smith were appointed judges, and George C. Huntington and Addison Kelley, clerks. Addison Kelley, Oliver Emory and Walter Beardsley were elected trustees; Horace Kelley, treasurer: Datus Kelley, clerk: John Titus and Hezekiah Bickford, overseers of the poor: Chester Stocking,George Wires and Henry Provast, fence viewers; Joseph Willet, constable; Henry Harris, supervisor of Highways. George C. Huntington was elected justice of the peace, his bonds being filed and accepted on the 8th of June following. In May, 1840, " An election was also held for County of Ottawa, and the returns duly made to the temporary seat of Justice at Port Clinton." As the population of the island increased, and as its business connections, from its geographical position, were entirely wth Sandusky (nothing but legal, township, and jury matters calling the inhabitants to Port Clinton ), its poitical connection with Ottawa county became very irksome, and determination was formed to effect a separation therefrom, and a reinstatement as a township of Erie county. A petition was therefore, presented to the legislature to that effect, and in Februrary,1845, was passed an act which " set off that tract, and territory of land known as Kelley's Island into the county of Erie." Thus , within the space of some seven years , the island formed a component part of two townships and four counties, and it is remarked " that of four children of Addison Kelley, born in the same house, no two were natives of the same township and county."


Apr. 1857 - Jan. 1863

Steed Steed Elisha B. Dodge Maria 130
Dodge Thomas Davis Mandana 154


Ohio Post Offices and Post Masters/Mistresses

(1816 Point Harmer, Nathaniel Dodge, jun., clerk/assistant, N. Hampshire


PORTAGE COUNTY OHIO - Center or Disciple Cemetery, Randolph Township

Dodge Nellie, d/o George w. & M. E. Dodge, died Oct 15, 1869 age 4 yrs.


GEAUGA COUNTY OHIO - Auburn Township Cemetery Files
Includes the following cemeteries: Maple Shade, Shadyside

Dodge Ella M. 6 Nov 1878 29y w/o J.H. AU Shadyside
Dodge Grace ) 7 Jan 1977
Dodge Hannah p. 6 Feb 1888 69y w/o Joseph
Dodge Henry B. 8 Feb 1863 20y
Dodge Herbert 6 Feb 1931 87y h/o Emma BARTHOLOMEW
Dodge Joseph 7 Apr 1878 66y
Dodge Orrin A. 1858


Royalton Township, Fulton County, OH 1850 Census

Dodge May 18 f NY Ohio Fulton Royalton
Dodge Warren 47 m farmer NY Ohio Fulton Royalton
Dodge Permela 41 f NY
Dodge Rufus 20 m labourer NY x
Dodge Martha 18 f NY x
Dodge Sarah 16 f NY x
Dodge Sabre 13 f OH x
Dodge Elizabeth 9 f OH x
Dodge Davis 7 m OH x
Dodge James 5 m OH x



This Regiment was organized at Camp Dennison, Ohio from July 17, 1861 to September 20, 1861 to serve for three years. The original members (except veterans) were mustered out October 10, 1864, by reason of expiration of term of service, and the veterans and recruits were transferred to the Eighteenth Veteran Infantry Regiment on October 31, 1864. The following is a list of battles in which the Regiment bore an honorable part.

Dodge, William F S Prin. Mus.
Dodge, William Co. D 46 Musican



Dodge, JOHN R 1868 - 1957
Dodge, LEONARD C 1861 - 1952


Official List Of Pythians Lodge Members of Ohio 1910



ALVAN Dodge, M. D., and farmer is a native of Buffalo, Erie Co., N. Y., born in 1840. In 1859 he commenced reading medicine with Dr. Campbell, of Mount Morris, Livingston County, attending the Michigan University in 1861, and graduated from the New York City College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1865. From there he entered the United States Navy as Acting Assistant Surgeon. He resigned his position there and next opened practice in Hannibal, Mo. He then returned to Erie County, N. Y., and went to practicing which he continued until 1880, when he came to Bourbon County, Kan., locating on his farm where is now located the village-site of Marmaton, taking forty acres from the quarter section. Besides his practice he is tending a fine farm, using the most progressive ideas and going into thoroughbred horses, and having improvements to the amount of $5,000 on the home farm. In 1877 he married, now living on one of the finest places in Marmaton Township.

ORREN G. Dodge, foreman of tin, sheet, iron and copper shop, locomotive department; has almost fifteen men under his supervision. He located in Omaha, Neb., in 1867; engaged in railroading for Union Pacific Company as journeyman coppersmith four years. He then became foreman of the same branch of work until September, 1880. He then engaged in the business of plumbing and gas-fitting in Omaha a year, employing about twelve hands in the business. He was born in Franklin County, Me., November 4, 1841; lived in his native State until 1862; went to Pittsburgh, Penn., and learned his trade, and remained until he came West. He was married, in Pittsburgh, Penn., in 1868 to Miss Annie J. Mahon, of the latter city. They have five children; Joseph Curtis, Anna Josephine, Mary Elizabeth, Orren G. Jr., and Ralph Waldo. He is a member of the State Lodge, No. 10, I. O. O. F. He served two terms in the City Council of Omaha.

Central City, Kansas,  was laid out in 1855, by William Dodge, for Thomas Newton and sons, and H. H. Lanham. It never was incorporated by legislative enactment. Its location was Section 1, Township 2, Range 12, now known as the Bloss farm. There was a postoffice, the first in the county, under charge of H. H. Lanham; a blacksmith and wagon shop, and a horse-power saw and grist-mill, all run by the Newton and Lanham families. There was also a store kept by Benjamin Shaffer, afterward sold to Beeler & Williams, of Iowa Centre, but managed by and in the name of Lanham and Newton. The mill was bought at Kansas City, brought to its destination by teams, and run for a time by ox-power. In 1857 or 1858 its proprietors built a dam across the Nebraska, but failing by this means to secure sufficient power to run both branches of the business, they put in an upright boiler and small engine, using the water power for the mill stones, and steam-power for sawing. During the high water of 1858 and 1859, when the Nebraska was a mile in width, the dam and grist- mill works were carried away. What remained of the establishment was moved to the prairie, and leases to Leslie & Barnbrick, who put in a bolt and other necessary machinery, and for a short time ran a saw, grist and flour mill. Destroyed by and incendiary fire it was rebuilt, sold and moved away. In 1863 Lanham & Newton bought a steam-mill at Pawnee City, Neb., bringing it to Central City, and a few months later removing it to Seneca. As has been said, the first school in Central City was taught by Mahlon Pugh, in 1859. It was select. Its first teacher was soon succeeded by Mrs. H. M. Newton, who taught till sometime in 1860. The Central City Baptist church was organized August 1, 1857, with Elder T. Newton and wife, Rev. T. R. Newton and wife, and H. H. Lanham and wife as charter members. A few additions to the membership were made. The first pastor was the Rev. T. R. Newton, who alternated with Rev. Thomas Newton for several years, when Robert Turner assumed the position. The members built a small church structure, afterward used as a school-house. On September 12, 1875, the society formally united itself with the Seneca Baptist church.

The first Court House stood on lot 4, block 74, on Main street. It was a small two-story frame building, the lower room of which was used for general meeting purposes, and the upper part by the county officers. In December, 1860, it was burnt. A building for Court purposes, but too small for county offices, was at once erected, on the corner of Main and Castle streets, in Seneca, and in this the first term of District Court in Nemaha county was held November 11, 1861, prior to this time Nemaha having been associated with Brown County for judicial purposes. Albert H. Horton, of Atchison, was at this time District Judge, having succeeded Judge Albert L. Lee, who had received a commission as major in the Seventy Kansas. The District Clerk was I. C. Hebbard, to whom Homer L. Dean, the Clerk of Brown County, had turned over the books and papers relating to Nemaha. The Grand Jury who served at this term of Court, consisted of John Downs, Thomas Carlin, Isaac H. Steer, Elias B. Church, James Larew, Salem B. Dodge, Samuel Dennis, T. A. Campfield, H. A. Goodman, Hezekiah Grimes, John Hodgins, William Histed, John Kilmer, Augustus Wolfley, H. D. Channell and James M. Randel. Wm. Histed was the foreman. The most important case upon the docket was that of the State of Kansas vs. Josiah Blancett, wherein the defendant stood charged with the murder of Thomas Wilson. The verdict was 'not guilty.' The indictment failed to state that the murder was committed in Nemaha County. In 1855 three County Commissioners were appointed. From that time until the spring of 1860, the Chairman of the Township Board was the Supervisor in the County Board. In 1860 three Commissioners at large were chosen, a like number being elected each alternate year until 1878, when the system was changed, so that one was elected each year, to hold office three years. The population of the county at various times has been as follows: 1855, 99; no returns were made at this census of the number of voters. 1857, 512, voters 140; 1860, 2,436; 1870, 7,296; 1880, 12,463; 1881, 13,476; 1882, 15,073.