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Report of The Memorable First Reunion of the Dodge Family in America (250th Reunion of Dodge Family) by Robert Dodge, published in 1879 by E. S. Dodge Printing Company, New York. In 1986, The Dodge Family Association had this 53 page book reprinted by Dodge Printing Centers, Inc., Denver, Colorado. At the time of the 250th Reunion, Robert Dodge assumed, as did all other Dodges, that all Dodges had sprung from William and/or Richard. Later, Robert found out that there was a line of Dodges from a Tristram Dodge of Block Island, Rhode Island, and that HE himself came from that line. He wrote the first Tristram Dodge Genealogy upon which Theron Royal Woodward based his updated Tristram Dodge Genealogy. Both the Honorable Augustus Dodge (from the Tristram line), and Gen. Grenville Dodge (from the Richard line) spoke at this reunion. This book is a REPORT, Full, Authentic, and Complete, of all the Addresses and Proceedings of The Memorable First Reunion of the Dodge Family in America. By the Representatives of the American Branch,Salem, Massachusetts,on Thursday, July 10th, 1879, being the 250th Anniversary of the Arrival of their Ancestors from England, and the Founding of Salem. Among the items included are letters that were read at the reunion, parts of speeches, and historical items. This book is truly a gem which should be in the library of ALL Dodges. Hardcover, brown with gold lettering. 10-1/2 x 6-1/2 x1/2. Click here to preview the title page. The price is $16
The Lands of Richard Dodge, Successive owners of his Pioneer Home by Louis A. Dodge
Originally published by The Wenham Historical Society in 1947, and reprinted by the Dodge Family Association in 1987, this 25 page booklet was compiled from original deeds, wills, and inventories. It is a survey which includes the disposition of the 80 acres allocated by Salem to Richard Dodge in 1638. He and his immediate descendants were all land lovers, and acquired by purchase, common rights and trade, almost one quarter of Wenham: a tract comprising all of Wenham Neck extending to, and including the present Myopia Club area, and reaching to the Manchester and Beverly line. Pictures included are the house which John Dodge gave to his son, Andrew Dodge, 1708; The Benj .Edwards house to which Dea. Richard Dodge added his cabinet shop; the house which John Dodge gave to his son, Ebeneza Dodge, 1708. Soft cover, blue with black lettering 6x9-1/2x1/8. Click here to preview the first two pages. The price is $6
OFFERTON Marple Road Bicentenary 1797-1998 by Ray Preston. This 12 x 8, 20 page booklet contains interesting old pictures and information about historical places in Offerton, Stockport, England. Included is the Dodge Ancestral Home, Halliday Hill House which is mentioned in the Dodge Family Genealogy by Joseph Thomson Dodge. Click here to preview the cover. The price is $12
OFFERTON - A Glimpse of the Past by Ray Preston. `This is a companion book to the Marple Road Bicentenary above. The size is the same as the Marple Road Bicentenary. Holiday(Halliday) Lane is talked about as is Dodgefold. Two photos of Dodge Fold and a sketch of a home built by Samuel Dodge, Jr. with a date stone of S.D.1742 are pictured on this page. Click here to preview the cover. The cost is $12
In 1994, recipes were collected from our Dodge family members and published in this 3 ring format cookbook which is 6-3/4x 9-1/4x 1-1/2. The pages are 5-1/2 x 8-1/2. This book contains approximately 300 recipes. This cookbook also contains a picture of Halliday Hill House, a brief history of William, Richard, and Tristram, and a brief history of the Dodge Family Association. Click here to preview the cover. The price is $12 or 3 for $30
The Dodge Family Association is a non-profit organization. Any income derived from items sold, goes back in to the Association to obtain more items of interest to our members. If there is something else you would like to see offered in our Family Store, your suggestions would be appreciated.

WARNING: Our members inform us from time to time that they receive Bogus commercial advertisements by mail for supposedly official Dodge genealogy books. We have examined these offerings and thus far have found them to be very shoddy, being genealogically Incorrect, historically Inaccurate, Narrow in scope and content, and Unrecognized by any repu genealogical organizations. If you receive any such offerings, please let us know.

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